5 Eye-Catching User Interface Designs That Will Inspire You

Eye-Catching User Interface Designs

When it comes to user interface design, it’s not about what your product looks like, but how it makes your users feel. Great user Eye-Catching User Interface Designs need to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. In order to achieve this, you’ll need more than just the right color scheme and font choices—you need to study your users and find out what will make them click. Here are five eye-catching UI designs that are sure to inspire you as you embark on your own quest for user interface glory.

5 Eye-Catching User Interface Designs That Will Inspire You

  1. The Google Calendar UI
  2. The Material Design UI
  3. The Spotify UI
  4. The VSCO Cam UI
  5. The Just Landed App UI

1) The Google Calendar UI

If you’re looking for a good calendar, Google Calendar is a no-brainer. It’s clean, simple, and easy to read. Google Calendar shows all of your appointments at once, and lets you easily see when you have time to do things like work out or hang out with friends. Plus, its icons are clear, its calendar grid is easy to read at a glance, and you can adjust the text size as needed—just like any good web app should!

Eye-Catching User Interface Designs
Eye-Catching User Interface Designs

2) The Material Design UI

Google’s Material Design UI gives products a cohesive look and feels that creates a more intuitive experience for users. Simply put, it’s not just beautiful—it’s also highly usable. The design focuses on motion, tactile response, and meaningful animation to help users learn about and interact with your product. Using bold colors, large swaths of whitespace, and flat elements with modern typography (using Roboto as their font of choice), Material Design helps guide users throughout every process.

A strong focus on aesthetics paired with hierarchy makes it easy to navigate web pages or mobile apps from Google or others that use their design language. Also notable is how well it translates across various devices—from computers to mobile phones to wearables like Android Wear watches.

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3) The Spotify UI

Here’s one of our favorite music apps, and one of many, that puts a premium on a clean design and simple function. The color scheme fits its application well – bright reds are stimulating, and whites are soothing – making it attractive without being obnoxious. The image in each section is clear, easy to understand, and highly related to what users will be using them for. It’s also easy to use; anyone familiar with tabs will intuitively know how to get around Spotify’s UI. It shows another great UI tip: consistency. Everything from icons to placement has been carefully considered in order to create an aesthetically pleasing layout that’s both functional and user-friendly.

4) The VSCO Cam UI

The VSCO Cam UI is a great example of how a simple design can make a complex application feel more accessible. VSCO Cam combines mobile photography, social media, and editing tools into one package, yet keeps it all organized with a well-thought-out navigation design. Thanks to its uncluttered simplicity, anyone can easily find their way around with little to no confusion.

In addition to being easy on the eyes, VSCO’s interface also features a gorgeous layout that looks beautiful on any device. The bold colors and textured typography only add to its appeal—not only does it work wonderfully on mobile devices but also works extremely well when viewed on a desktop. It is hard not to be inspired by such beauty!

5) The Just Landed App UI

Just Landed is a mobile app that helps you interact with locals upon landing in a new place. Just Landed’s striking color scheme and beautiful, minimalistic design make it immediately clear what kind of experience you’re in for as soon as you land on their homepage. The icons are dynamic and change depending on what you select, clearly conveying an interactive experience. As a user, I’m excited to use Just Landed! It looks like a fun way to explore my new surroundings. They also do a great job of incorporating social media by making it easy to share your experiences via Facebook or Twitter.

The minimalist design of the iPhone’s home screen is both intuitive and beautiful

With a single gesture, users can open any application they want, without distraction. In fact, you could say that an app’s user interface is its most important feature—it’s what allows users to interact with and enjoy an app. UI designers are tasked with creating something easy to use but also unique and beautiful. The best way to learn how to design UI? Look at some great examples of other people doing it well! Here are five designs that will inspire you to create your own eye-catching UI.

The simple and elegant designs of popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox are a refreshing change

They look great, but they aren’t trying to be something they aren’t. They have fun with colors and cute iconography but they never try to be so hip that you feel like you need a new computer just to keep up. If a design is going to be at your computer 24/7, it shouldn’t require a surgeon to figure out how it works. Be inspired by these simple yet eye-catching designs for some friendly inspiration for your next user interface design project.

The sleek and modern designs of apps like Slack and Zendesk are a standout example of how UI design can be cutting-edge and stylish

The minimalism is clean and leaves plenty of room for functionality to shine. These are great examples of design that emphasize ease and simplicity, with intuitive controls and gestures that make every interaction more delightful. They also do a stellar job at designing a UI that scales, making it easy to adapt across multiple platforms like desktop, tablet, mobile, and beyond. The controls look identical on every device – there’s no guesswork involved. The layouts aren’t distorted in any way; everything is immediately recognizable when you switch between devices or different platforms.

The simple and uncluttered designs of popular websites like Google and Amazon are a great example of how functional and elegant user interfaces can be

you’re instantly drawn to their primary features, and you can use them with ease. For some great ideas about how to make your website more user-friendly, here are five eye-catching and easy-to-use UI designs that will inspire you. On eCommerce websites such as Amazon, for example,

when you arrive at a product page it’s immediately clear what it is (and its key features), you know where to click or tap to order or find out more information and there isn’t anything distracting getting in your way. Your users will appreciate not having to click on several links just to get what they want – if they want a TV screen then they don’t need anything else getting in their way!

A good design should be simple and functional but also be visually appealing so people keep coming back again and again. As well as being attractive, your site should also be accessible from different devices so it doesn’t matter what size screen people are viewing it on: your design should look good across all of them.

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